Original evening

Do you need find a place, where you can celebrate your birthday? You need really nice place, where you can invite lots of friend, but also family? Maybe it will be best to divide this action into two parts. First part can be for family. It will be in restaurant with nice atmosphere, where you can be without problem and where you can order tasty food. Second part can be for your friends. You can start in classic pub, because beer should be part of each celebration. Then you can go into club, where you will be satisfied. You can choose along few parameters, there is for example dance or rock firms that you can visit. Why sit at home and watch TV, when you can go out?

For group of friends

Choose from Prague night clubs, because offer is really wide. If you will look at our blog, you will have only validated ventures. We hope that you will find very good place, where you will drink along your taste. Do you like singing? So you can choose club like Hip Hop &Rap, or do you like jazz? Everything is here for you; you should enjoy your free time for maximum!